Why Your Wisdom Teeth May Need to Be Removed

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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Novi, MIWisdom teeth are your third set of molars, which are the farthest back teeth in your mouth. They’re also the last to come in and this happens during the late teens and early twenties.

Ancient humans had larger jaws and more teeth to help break down plant tissue, but our diet as a species evolved and our jaws have shrunk leaving little to no room for the once important wisdom teeth.

Not getting your wisdom teeth removed can cause a number of problems that can wreak havoc on your mouth and oral health. You can call our dentists in Novi, MI if you need your wisdom teeth removed to restore your oral health.

There’s No Room

Many people simply do not have room in their mouth for extra teeth. If impacted wisdom teeth are left alone, they will push other teeth out of the way to make room. The result is a mouth crowded with crooked teeth. 

Impacted wisdom teeth are responsible for a host of oral problems. For example, if you don’t have room to fully erupt from the gum line, infections, or cavities can take root. Impacted wisdom teeth can also make it hard for you to floss and brush your teeth, causing food particles to collect around the tooth in question.

Wisdom Teeth May Cause Shifting & Misalignment

Another potential problem is that they may want to come in sideways, causing your other teeth to shift. With each dentist appointment, we take an x-ray to monitor the progress of your teeth. Through these dental x-rays, we can track the movement of your wisdom teeth and predict their future path before they break through your gum line.

Wisdom Teeth May Not Come in

Are your wisdom teeth refusing to come in, or have only partially emerged through the gum line? Those that don’t drop down completely, or at all, can quickly become a health liability. For example, cysts can develop around the area of the non-erupting tooth.

Pericoronitis, a type of bacterial infection, can also be common among those with partially erupted wisdom teeth. Pericoronitis happens when the gums surrounding the partially erupted tooth become swollen and infected.

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If you are experiencing any of the above conditions, we highly recommend you look into wisdom teeth extraction, although it is ultimately up to you whether you want them removed or not. We work to prevent any complications from your wisdom teeth erupting by tracking their development.

Contact our Novi dentists today if you want your wisdom teeth pulled. You can call us today at (248) 347-3700 to schedule an appointment. Our goal is to help you have and maintain a healthy and happy smile.

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